DC Power Co


Data analytics, SEO & SEM

DC Power Co is Australia’s leading solar company. Their aim is to harness the collective energy created by the country’s solar households to create the Big Aussie Battery, with the end goal of reducing our impact on the environment.

The challenge

We were engaged by DC Power Co’s media partner as they needed help ensuring the cleanliness of their data tracking. As the company went through a few years of rapid growth, their digital analytics had become more convoluted and complicated, our challenge was to ensure everything was in order.

We started by simplifying their solution architecture into short-term tactics and then long-term goals for data quality. Once this was done we implement the quick-wins and got started on the longer term stuff.

Our approach

We approached this analytics challenge the same way Marie Kondo would approach one of her clients’ homes - If it didn’t spark joy, it’s gone. Or in DC Power’s case, if it wasn’t necessary then it’s out. We started simplifying their solution architecture in short-term tactics and then created long-term goals for data quality. 

By identifying their business goals, we were able to focus down onto the data points and metrics that truly mattered for DC Power’s reporting, after which we created a bespoke dashboard for them. Once they had more clarity in their data, we were then able to provide additional recommendations on how to they would be able to reach their business goals. This included SEO and SEM strategies, which we also then helped them put in place.

The impact

We were able to simplify their reporting to encapsulate only the metrics they needed, ensuring that the data sent to Google Analytics, Facebook and their CRM was accurate. From their updated analytics, we were then able to help them identify and execute on digital marketing activity based off their data insights.

Aldi Oosterman