Data analytics & dashboarding

Pedestrian.TV is Australia’s largest youth publisher, spreading across a number of different verticals, they engage over 1.5 million people every month. One of P.TV’s most significant verticals is their Jobs platform, which focuses on jobs within tech. This vertical is responsible for a sizeable portion of the publisher’s monthly traffic with nearly 100,000 job seeker sessions and 300 companies active on the platform.

The challenge

As one of Australia’s leading jobs portals, P.TV Jobs have a tremendous amount of data pouring through all of their digital channels on a daily basis. However, a lot of their data analytics and reporting was still being done on a manual basis. This includes collecting and reporting on data from WordPress, Google Analytics, Facebook and more - an undeniably time-consuming endeavour.

Our approach

In order to help P.TV’s marketing team free up more time to act on their data insights, we looked to automate their data collection and reporting processes as much as possible. By figuring out their business goals and the data points across all of their digital channels which related to them, we were able to create a bespoke dashboard that joined their many data sources together and presented them in a way that was easy to digest.

The impact

P.TV’s marketing team now save about 2-3 hours a day from the dashboards that we built for them, and are now able to spend less time collecting their data and more time acting on them.

Aldi Oosterman