R U OK? Day


Pay-per-click advertising & conversation design

R U OK? is a suicide prevention charity in Australia, reminding people that having meaningful conversations with mates and loved ones could save lives. Every year, thousands of events are run across Australia for R U OK?Day. The organisation provides people with the resources they need to run these events, as well as provide merchandise available for purchase on their website.

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The challenge

With over 500 daily purchases going through the ecommerce website in peak times and total of $1million in online revenue throughout last year’s campaign, we were tasked to help R U OK? reach their hard target to grow revenue through online sales by 20% year-on-year. 

R U OK?’s chatbot, ALEC, is the first communications touchpoint that many people experience with the organisation. They felt that ALEC’s current iteration had chat flows which were far too complex, and with a wide ranging audience from those looking for information to help others to those seeking crisis support for themselves, ALEC needed to be simplified to be able to deal with all audiences.

Our approach

With a media budget of $1000 to aide online sales, we needed to be very strategic with how we would tackle this challenge. After reviewing all possible advertising channels, we’d decided that social media advertising would be the right approach as R U OK?’s followers across various social channels are all very engaged. We carried out Dynamic Product Ads to retarget the organisation’s most engaged audiences, those who follow R U OK? On social media, but have also recently visited their website.

In order to improve and simplify ALEC’s chat flows, we ran a one-day Design Sprint with input from key stakeholders within the organisation. In the Sprint, we analysed ALEC’s positives, where we would need to create improvements and went through competitor chatbots we liked. This highly-condensed Sprint resulted in the bones of ALEC 2.0, followed by an additional month of user testing and iterative chat flow updates.

The impact

By analysing R U OK?’s audience and their historic data from pay-per-click campaigns, we were able to identify the most cost-efficient and high-impact ad types to help drive online sales. In the month leading up to R U OK?Day 2019, with a budget of $1,000, we were able to deliver 340,000 social impressions, reach 30,000 people and convert over 130 sales directly from the ads. As a result of this, we were able to help R U OK? surpass their sales targets, increasing online revenue by over 30%.

R U OK? saw the need to update and simplify ALEC’s chat flows to handle the variety of users’ needs. By working closely with the R U OK? team and leverage their first-hand expertise we were able to cut down the length of chat flows by a third, so that users could get to the information they wanted more quickly and seamlessly. From reviewing the chats that ALEC 2.0 held with users in the weeks after he went live, we were able to see that there were fewer users leaving the chat through frustration, and an astronomically higher number of users actually made it to the end of his chat flows, compared to ALEC’s first iteration. But the biggest impact that ALEC 2.0 had was by efficiently and effectively providing information to those who wanted to start meaningful conversations with their loved ones.

Aldi Oosterman