World of Music


Digital Foundations, UX, SEO & PPC advertising

World of Music is Australia’s leading independent music instrument store, with customers Australia-wide and a physical store located in Melbourne. They are home to one of Australia’s largest ranges of musical instruments from Roland pianos and drums to Fender and Gibson guitars.

The challenge

World of Music came to us knowing that their digital channels could work harder to grow their online sales, they just weren’t sure how. We were briefed to review the current performance of their digital channels and propose a strategy of how to drive a 50% monthly increase in online sales.

Our approach

We took World of Music through our Digital Foundations, to work through their goals and objective and ensure that all of their digital channels are set up correctly to collect all of the relevant data points. The digital strategy that came as a result of the data lead us to propose a three-pronged approach to driving sales:

  • Improved site User Experience

  • Search Engine Optimisation

  • Pay per click advertising

The impact

By optimising page content throughout the site and fixing technical SEO issues, we were able to improve organic traffic near to 7% month-on-month, which is a tremendous result, given that organic traffic is the largest driver of sales for World of Music.

Our recommended UX changes to the site also drove up product views on the site by 26% month-on-month.

By completely redoing World of Music’s social advertising and optimising their Adwords campaigns, we were able to increase our return on invest for each channel by 600% and 100%.

These results accumulated in us helping World of Music reach their target for 50% monthly online revenue growth in only the second month of our engagement.

Aldi Oosterman