Around The Web: April 2019

In between Easter eggs and the ANZAC day match, here’s what we read:

In this article professional placement student Hannah Tempany summarises a few important articles that were written around the web in April 2019.

Article 1: Forget the DJs: Spotify Playlists are the new musical starmakers

Gone are the days when artists aimed to have their music featured in a magazine or played on the radio. While those are considered additional luxury’s in today's music industry, the real desire is to be featured in playlists on music streaming apps such as Spotify and Apple Music.

As we move away from buying individual songs, the greatest revenue for music artists last year came from the money made from streaming songs. This article explains how Spotify algorithms have influenced the way artists write their music and how making a ‘vanilla’ song could actually help your career, as it's likely to be played in a ‘H&M’ store, giving you huge exposure. This article is a good read and explains how the music industry is adjusting and staying relevant in today's tech-savvy age.

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Article 2: SEO & Data: A match made in Heaven

SEO and Data can be hard to wrap your head around, let alone combining the two. But, excel does make the whole process of SEO and analysing your Google Analytics data so much easier. Although quite a lengthy read, this article does a great job of simplifying those technical terms and processes. From scraping your site for data, (Screaming Frog or SEO Optimer is great for this), to a step by step process with images on how to implement great time-saving techniques to analyse, edit and optimise your data, this article is a great read and gives you some great time-saving tricks on optimising your data.

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Article 3: The Instagram aesthetic is over!


Finally! We have all lived through the artificial Instagram era and made it out the other side. The days of colour coordinating everything in your wardrobe to match the brick wall near your house is (almost) over. The new wave of influencers have arrived and are far more relatable than the last bunch. This article explains how influencers are now opting for humorous, raw and most importantly relatable posts, instead of the smashed avo shots. This article also explains the type of content that people are preferring on this huge social media platform.

To find out what kind of content is now on trend and a list of the new wave influencers that are worth a follow, Click here.  

Article 4: SEO guide to optimising your LinkedIn profile for more connections and better leads

This is a big read, however, is filled with resourceful and juicy content on getting your Linkedin profile on track. Amongst all the uni students and professionals out there that treat their profile like a resume, there is a small minority of those who look at LinkedIn as another lead generating platform.

This article breaks down the anatomy of a LinkedIn profile and how to utilise each section to best effect, such as writing killer copy in your profile that is filled with SEO keywords, to the endorsement and links section. This article treats a LinkedIn profile as if it were a marketing ‘funnel’ which I thought was a really interesting way to look at it. From the initial interest to the decision to the action part of the profile, these guys take you through how to nail each funnel and land the quality clients you’re looking for.

To find out what tactics to use and how to optimise your LinkedIn profile, click here.

Article 5: Accenture sued over website redesign so bad it Hertz: Car hire biz demands $32m+ for 'Defective' Cyber Revamp


If you’re having a bad day, this article will definitely make your problems feel smaller. When car hire service Hertz hired Accenture to revamp and remodel their website, they had no idea of what was to come.

From a non-responsive website design to buggy code and not even testing the site’s functionality, Accenture did a solid on doing everything you should avoid when rebuilding a clients website. What's worse is the huge budget involved in this case. We are talking millions and this doesn’t include the ‘fix up’ fee involved. Talk about rough.

This lawsuit is still ongoing, so click here to be up to date with it so far.

Most important point

April’s articles gave us some interesting ideas to contemplate. From the shift in Instagram influencers to music artists changing the way they write songs to increase streaming plays, we have learnt a thing or two from this months article and hope you will too.