Around The Web: Christmas holiday indigestion

In between ham, crackers and far too much wine this is what we read:

In this weekly review article, HammaJack’s co-founder, Ian Hammond summarises a few important articles from around the web.


1. Why online reviews matter - Shopify POS

If you’ve ever wondered whether online reviews can help your business, the short and obvious answer is yes.

How much do they affect things? Well, that’s a bit harder to judge. Until now.

Humayan Khan, from Shopify Retail has written an awesome article about consumer behaviour and how online searches and reviews fit into a customers buying journey.

The bottom line is that if you run a business - small, medium or large - you really need to be on top of online reviews. If you’re not doing it. You need to be. Start encouraging it, monitoring it and getting more of it.

HammaJack can help with strategies and solutions to help you manage your online reputation, such as as showing you how to set up a Google Alerts to get reminders/alerts when someone leaves a review (good bad or otherwise). There’s also a number of plug ins that can encourage site visitors to leave one for you across a number of channels. If you’re interested in learning more - please get in touch.

2. Beyonce: Don’t f^%k with Alt Text  

If you’ve ever built or own a website - you’ve probably come across “alt text”. The Shortened form of “Alternate text”... It’s usually that pesky extra bit of work that you have to do, at the end of most web build projects. Originally lauded as a quick win for easy gained SEO juice, it was a great way to cram relevant keywords onto a page. Times have changed.

Our approach with Alt Text is to use them for what they were intended for: i.e. to help visually impaired people — who can’t see the image — understand what it is through a nice and clear description.

And, recently over in the States there was a good reminder to keep your Alt Text on track - with Beyonce Knowles being sued for having crap ones.

And there it is — The biggest and best pop reference ever to grace our humble site.

3. Duck Duck Go? Duck Duck No (at least not yet, anyways)

In between mouthfuls of turkey, you may have noticed search engine Duck Duck Go take flight with a whopping 9 billion searches in 2018. I know right. That’s pretty tasty. Does that mean you should literally drop the cranberry sauce and start considering what you need to do to get listed? Thankfully - the answer is, not just yet. According to a quick survey of today’s searches on Google it would take just under two days to hit the same amount of searches, so the net market share isn’t worth worry about just yet. Pass the gravy!


4. Why is Tim Cahill not playing tonight?

I know right. It was the question on everyone’s lips. Well at least it was for a brief moment in time that seemed to add up to something more important. In any event, the Socceroos champ bowed out after a stellar international career, but not before making his mark on the most searched Google terms in Australia for 2018. Take a look at this and what other terms were popular last year. It’s also worth bookmarking this link as a great way to keep your finger on the proverbial pulse (digitally speaking, of course).

And, with that terrible—but apt! pun— I’ll leave you with a final answer to your next question: Jamshedpur. (Devastating for the Newcastle Jet’s number one fan)

Most important point

We hope you all had a happy, safe and relaxing period over the Christmas break. We’re back on deck from here on in and can’t wait to smash it out of the park with you all this year.