Connecting Facebook Lead Generation Ads to your CRM

Thanks to their lead generation ads, Facebook is increasingly being used by both online and brick-and-mortar businesses to drive leads. However, many businesses are still unaware of the ability to connect their Facebook ads with their CRM, a little thing that saves a lot of time. HammaJack’s Digital Marketing Manager, Aldi Oosterman, lays out the whys and hows of integrating your Facebook leads with your CRM. 

What are Facebook lead generation ads?

While many businesses are still using Facebook ads simply as an Awareness driver, there is an increasing number who see the potential of using Facebook to drive Consideration, and ultimately, Conversion.

Lead generation ads are the best way for businesses to capture leads across Facebook and Instagram. Using Facebook’s native ads platform, you can create an ad that opens up to a form for the user, so that they can provide you with their details in exchange for more information or a special deal on a product or service - and all of this happens without the user having to leave the app or browser they were on when they saw the ad.


The details that the user fills out on the form is then collected by Facebook for you to download at a later date. Many businesses will systematically download the leads captured by these ads and populate them into their CRM so they can re-engage with - and remarket to - these leads in the future. 

Why do I need to integrate Facebook leads with my CRM?

Although manually downloading and populating leads might be fine for some businesses at first, there are two main benefits of automatically integrating your Facebook leads with your CRM.

It saves you time

The first benefit of this integration is that it saves you time. Although downloading a list of leads from Facebook and uploading them onto your CRM once might not feel like it takes up any time at all, but when you think of doing it two, fifteen or ninety-three times, it starts to add up. 

The beauty of digital platforms is that automation frees you up to focus more attention on the parts of your business that need it - if you can save time, why wouldn’t you?

Real-time actions

The second main benefit is that automated integration allows you to carry out real-time actions on leads through your CRM, as soon as they are created by Facebook. Typically, the faster you can engage with a lead, the more likely it is that they will convert to becoming a customer.

If your ad promises that you’ll send the user an information booklet on your product, they will have an infinitely better experience if they receive an email immediately after signing up on Facebook, rather than if that email arrives in a week, after you’ve manually populated you Facebook leads to your CRM.

How do I connect Facebook lead generation ads and my CRM?

Now you know the “why” - here’s the “how”. Facebook allows integrations with a large number of CRMs including HubSpot, Mailchimp, Magento, etc. We have previously discussed how to track HubSpot forms with Google Tag Manager, so to not break with tradition, we’ll use HubSpot as an example.

For this example, we are assuming that you already have a Facebook Business Manager account for your page, and you have already connected your Facebook Ads account within HubSpot.

Publishing Tools Page.jpg

1. From your business’ Facebook page, make your way to the “Publishing Tools” on your menu bar.

Leads Setup Page.jpg

2. Once there, scroll down the menu bar on the left of the page and click through to “Leads Setup”.

Search CRM Page.jpg

3. Type in “HubSpot” into the search bar and you will then be asked to login to your HubSpot account.

4. Once your Facebook page is connected to HubSpot, you will need to link the fields on your lead generation form to your HubSpot contact fields.

Key takeout

As the above steps highlight, it is wonderfully simple for you to set up a connection between Facebook lead generation ads and your CRM. Taking into account the benefits of this integration, there’s one question for you to ask yourself: Why wouldn’t you?

If you would like to chat more about Facebook lead generation ads or reach out about our wider Digital Marketing services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.