First Year: Reflections from the CEO

We look back At HammaJack’s first year In Fitzroy

The first year

We opened our doors in the Fitzroy office in December 2017. With a fresh coat of green floor paint, a few business desks and chairs and we were off, so to speak. With a handful of clients, we set out to show them how by understanding your data, you could create better content.

Looking back now, since our first attempts at measurement plans and dashboards we have improved a lot. However, it is pleasing to see that at the heart of our processes even back then, we were still putting our client’s business needs at the heart of their digital channels. For example, It wasn’t enough just to get traffic, likes or awareness — our client’s needed to know how these things could be made into customers, purchases, and new business.

Towards the end of this year, we’ve added more desks to the space, and along with another three terrific staff members to expand our offering to include CRM strategy and implementation.

We have also partnered with Hubspot, and are well on the way to obtaining our Facebook and Google certifications.


Improvement in Processes

One of the biggest challenges we set ourselves is building processes and practices that are repeatable and effective. We believe that through iteration and making small measurable changes, we can improve our clients’ digital channels. This includes; Websites, Paid Facebook Approach, Search Engine Marketing and Email Campaigns.

In Jacob Moran, HammaJack has a talented, bright and effective leader. With expertise in project management and agile methodologies, he has ensured consistent recording of and a review the way we work to bring about constant improvement. It hasn’t always been easy. Bringing a structured way of working to largely unstructured ideas and opportunities has kept him on his toes and having to deal with the inconceivable ‘things to try’. His passion for web analytics has placed the company in a perfect place to make the most of our opportunities.

Growing the company from two to six, and looking to add several more in the upcoming months has meant additional changes. From the simple process of adding more desks and chairs and the occasional room rearrangement, to the more difficult skills of staff on-boarding, training and general management. We’ve had to spend more time with the accountant, bringing in a bookkeeper and received ongoing guidance from a business coach and consultant, who has been invaluable.

While our processes aren’t by any stretch complete, we are in a fantastic position to capitalise on our experience and expertise as we look to bring on more clients and continue to deliver consistent results.

Why Data + Content

We started HammaJack to fill a need that both Jacob and I had when working for existing digital agencies. Plenty can talk about “data-driven decisions”, but what we found was that most couldn’t afford to let the data sit alongside the content, or the game was moving too fast to allow for it.

Which is why we always start with the data - there’s no point in trying to do something, if you can’t prove that the thing you did was a part of the cause. So, that’s why we always try to understand as much as we can with data. We track and analyse actions to help guide and inform our decisions.

So far it’s working. By talking with our customers to understand how their business works, we are able to transpose these goals onto their social media channels, websites and email marketing activities to see what’s working, what’s not and what we need to improve.

We often get asked by people whether it’s obvious to know whether there’s value in what we bring to the table, and it is, yes — absolutely. Even if only to at least be tracking and measuring what clients are doing is better than the alternative (which is in some cases — doing nothing).


So - what specifically do we do?

SEO, Social Media, Website Designs? We often get asked what it is we do, and the truth of it is we do a little of everything — we do website analytics, website advisory, some design, social media, email campaigns, and other technical integrations.

A better question to ask is why we do it?

We want to help our clients understand their own digital channels. We know that it’s an ever-changing beast. Although websites have been around for 30-odd years, the rise of social media, CRMs, and more has meant that it’s an incredibly complicated and complex space to be working in. Rather than taking a solution-first approach (i.e. “you need to have Facebook advertising” or “Social media will deliver you X clients”), we prefer to understand what you want to achieve, and then show you how this may be done using a variety of channels, strategies and methods.

Where to from here

We will continue to improve how we work for our clients and will continue to grow our collective expertise as we grow from a data + content agency to one that continues to deliver the best results for your business needs and circumstances.

Needless to say, if you’re reading this and you think there’s any way we might be able to help you, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

In summary

It’s been a great year for HammaJack. We’ve grown faster and better than I could have imagined. However, with a strong focus on continuing to improve our processed and our expertise in all things digital, I am confident that we will continue to knock our client’s expectations out of the park.