Getting up to speed with R U OK?’s Data

Decluttering data to find a way


Baseline Data Configuration

This product helps you understand your site and what your site visitors are doing on your pages. This allows you to make more informed decisions.

Defining the problem

Trying to declutter

R U OK? is an Australian suicide prevention charity. They have more than 500,000 unique site visitors each year. Since their launch in 2009, they’ve had a number of versions of their website, with a number of campaigns and specific goals being added on year on year. In addition, they wanted to combine their e-commerce platform with the regular site and current campaigns.

They’ve had access to Google Analytics for a number of years, but when we approached them to try and de-clutter their data, to make their decisions simply - they were all ears.


What we did

We sat with them to understand the various aspects of their business and attribute values to these actions. For R U OK?, being a charity, most of the actions taken on site attract a nominal value. For instance we were able to configure the value of someone “downloading an information pack” to have a dollar figure, not because that’s how much revenue they made, but conversely, how much they were prepared to pay, theoretically, for someone in their target audience to download a pack.

We repeated this process with a range of goals and activities across the site, and also developed a custom measurement plan with key performance indicators across the buyer’s journey — an adaptation of the marketing funnel, being Awareness, Consideration and Decision.  

We then cleansed their tracking and added custom tracking to ensure they were set up for success — using a combination of Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google WebMaster Tools, Facebook Analytics and Google Adwords.

Once armed with this information we were able to build a bespoke dashboard so R U OK? were able to understand and analyse the information across regions, demographics, devices, sources and channels.

What they said

"We love working with HammaJack. They understand your brand, budget, brief and what’s holding you back — and provide outside the box solutions and fantastic service."

What we found

I suppose the most interesting thing about the project was two things: 

1 - How often visitors are coming back to the site; and

2 - The role of the e-commerce site provides considerably more revenue than we thought.

Moving forward

R U OK? continues to use the dashboards and data on a week to week basis.