Google My Business for B2B businesses

A quick guide to Google My Business for businesses that aren’t selling To consumers

Google My Business is an excellent and free tool that allows businesses to present an amazing search experience for their users. However, it is more geared towards businesses that directly serve consumers, so how should businesses who provide services to other businesses utilise it? In this article, HammaJack co-founder Jacob Moran provides a quick checklist of what businesses should do to keep their GMB listing looking fresh.

Should my business have Google My Business?

The first question is should we have a Google My Business listing and should we update it regularly. The answer to both questions is ‘yes, definitely’.

Google My Business is a great way of ensuring that branded searches, that usually happen in the consideration phase of the buyer’s journey are handled with the same professionalism and care that you put into your website.

If you think about it, you put so much effort into making your website and marketing look good so why wouldn’t you want to ensure you are putting best foot forward with branded searches?

So what should be on your Google My Business listing?

This varies business to business, but we approach Google My Business as if it was another social channel. What this means is that everything we post on Facebook or LinkedIn we will then also post on Google My Business.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you are a Digital PR agency who have a website, you write a blog and you have amazing content (images and copy) that you create for your clients that you then post on your website and your social networks like Facebook.

All of this content is perfect for Google My Business. Using the example of a Digital PR agency;

  • Blog: Each time they post a blog on their site about an event they should create a post, with an image and a link to their blog on Google My Business

  • Images of Food or an Event etc: They should post the best of these on GMB

  • Hosting an event: They should post a link to the event information - regardless of whether it’s on their site or another

  • Got a video of their services or an event: They should post them - keep in mind there are restrictions on this

The idea here is to organically create a catalogue of content that boosts your domain authority with Google and also elevates your brand and services with your clients and potential clients.

However, keep in mind that posts expire, so you’ll have to proactive in posting content.

What about all that extra stuff I see on Big Brands GMB listings?

Toyota's Google My Business.png

Some brands go beyond the basics and have far more information in their Google My Business. So how do they do it?

The answer is that it is a combination of them configuring it and Google finding it.

To do this you have to allow Google to find this information. The good news is that some CMSs handle this for you, however, this can still be a large process in itself. The best place to read about this is on Google’s official support section.

Most Important Point

The main idea is to not create content specifically for GMB, rather just make it another social channel that you post to. This will further validate your brand to businesses considering your services.

If you need a hand with setting GMB up, or staying on top of it and don't have the time - feel free to get in touch.