PPC: Shut up and take my money

PPC: Shut up and take my money

Optimising PPC spend on accounts

One of the things we’ve been struggling with lately is not spending enough money on our client’s accounts.

Due to the way that we work, using PPC and FB, it’s about making incremental changes to improve the overall health of our clients account. Even though it’s essentially simple (make little changes each week), what we do isn’t always simple. It might be, adding new keywords, optimising ads, creating new ads, creating new landing pages, adding new negatives, changing ad schedules – PPC isn’t overly complicated, but there are lots of techniques and strategies to consider.

Like: “when should you add more money to your Adwords account?”

I hear what you’re saying “ is this really a problem?”. Absolutely, when you pair your spend back directly to ROI and work hard at optimising your entire ad accounts, there comes a time that you want to spend more to make more.

So how do we do spend more?

There a lot of strategies out there to spend more money on Adwords. Some good, like finding niche opportunities to test, and some bad, like upping your bids on everything and targeting vaguer keywords in the hopes of catching more fish.

The way we do it is incremental, but targeted. What we do is each week, we review our client’s ad accounts and look for up to three campaigns with “Low” or “Very Low” impression share. These are ripe for new $$ opportunities.

Lost to Budget

Losing too much impression share to budget means we need to add more budget into the account, or refine the daily budgeting.

If you’re ranking at 1.1-1.6, it might also mean that you’re paying too much - so you might want to lower your bids, to effectively decrease the amount that you’re paying each day.

Lost to Rank

If you are losing too much to rank, it means you need to refine your keywords, quality score (the way google tells if the ad, keyword and landing page combination is any good), or consider splitting the adset to remove low performing keywords. This takes time. You may also want to ensure that you have landing pages that are performing for your adset too!

Ands finally, what if you’re having too much impression share? Don’t worry - This is a good thing!

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