Ramping up a spin-gym’s customers

Ramping up a spin-gym’s customers

Making Better Decisions With Data


Ongoing Reporting, Insights and Recommendations

How making measured, iterative and consistent improvements can really stack up for small to mid-sized clients.

Defining the Problem

Knowing what and when to do it

Bodhi & Ride is a specialist cycle-spin gym with studios in Port Melbourne and Melbourne CBD. When we were approached by their media and ad-savvy director, we knew that she wasn’t going to be fooled by ‘vanity’ metrics. She knew her lifetime value of customer, and knew how much she was prepared to get new bums on seats.


What we did

First, we took them for a test ride. We took the agency along for a class, followed by yoga. Nothing relaxing about it. We were all spent by the end. But HammaJack co-founder Jake found it so enjoyable that he’s know a regular.

Then, we wanted to understand value, specifically - how people used their channels (website, social, email etc.) and then we put together a high-level plan of attack. With weekly check-ins and monthly strategy sessions, in person.

What we found

Quickly, we were able to use the data to provide more valuable insights and recommendations about how and when people used their channels. Certain age groups targets were discarded for groups that were actually making consistent purchases, site behaviour modified our PPC and FB strategies to remove any spend for mobile, while we make incremental modifications to the site to improve mobile experience.

Moving forward

The amount of people who are making purchases on the site increases each month. The amount of money that we are spending to get them there is decreasing each month. Jake is still attending at least three times a week and and now even enlisted his wife, Erin to attend as well.

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