Standing out from the crowd

Vitrine Media: A remarkable story


Baseline Data Configuration and Weekly Ongoing Reporting

After setting the base for great data insights, this company now understands how users are interacting with its site and social channels as the basis for a super-efficient multi-faceted digital marketing funnel that is bringing in plenty of leads, month on month. 

Defining the problem

Trying to declutter

Vitrine Media is a global manufacturer of innovative LED Displays for retailers and real estate agents. When they came to HammaJack, they were looking for a local solution to help drive digital leads to their sales team. 


What we did

We worked closely with their sales team to understand the ideal audience and were able to build a digital funnel, guide a quick redesign of their site, and then focused on paid marketing, through Google Adwords and Facebook Lead Generation ads, to drive leads. 

With weekly monitoring and optimisation of their Adwords campaigns, we were able to discover and develop a highly-effective SEM approach using negative keywords (to rule out semantically-similar, but not relevant, search terms) and re-marketed audiences to ensure a greater chance our ads were shown to the audiences we wanted. 

In addition, we were able to use their Facebook Pixel, to develop a super targeted approach to identify and target ideal customers.

What they said

They approached our issues from both a data analytics and content management point of view. Working with them, we redefined our website to match our customer’s intent - meaning a better experience and the leads keep flowing!

— Mark Carrick | VitrineMedia


What we found

  • Continual effort reaps rewards
    One trick of the continued success of their Adwords campaign has come from weekly monitoring to develop account-wide negative keywords. Essentially, the segment is full of similar intent tech-related keywords, so it has taken months to narrow and optimise the account to leave the relevant keywords in, and the rest, out.


Moving forward

We continue to love working with Mark and the team. Hopefully many more months of Adwords, Facebook and site success.