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A super simple way to track Squarespace forms In Google Analytics

So, you’re new (or old) to Google Analytics and you ask yourself, “How Do I Simply Track Forms In Google Analytics?” You have come to the right place.

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Tracking offline marketing performance in Google Analytics

It’s an issue as old as the internet itself - how do I track my traditional offline marketing’s (like print ads, billboards and TV) performance when it comes to converting online visitors.

In this article HammaJack co-founder, Jacob Moran, outlines some of his favourite tactics that he has found/used in his travels.

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Tracking HubSpot Forms with Google Tag Manager

HubSpot is amazing and if you aren’t drinking the Kool-Aid yet, you probably should be. In this article HammaJack’s co-founder, Jacob Moran, and Data Engineer, Jose Arevalo, outline how to effectively track HubSpot forms and send the information to Google Analytics & Facebook.

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Approaches for creating measurement plans

Measurement plans are super important, and every business from a local gym to a worldwide conglomerate should have one. But the way in which they are created can, and should, be different. In this article, HammaJack co-founder Jacob Moran discusses the different types of measurement plans.

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Google Analytics UTMs: A Non-technical Guide

UTMs, or Urchin Tracking Modules if you prefer the more confusing name, are a vital part of any business who posts links to their website on any social networks or utilise other Digital Marketing tactics, like newsletters.

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11 super useful sites

Usefulness is one of the key factors in acquiring site stickiness. In this article we look at some of our favourite sites and think about why they are so useful.

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