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Remember when Chatbots were the "Next Big Thing"?

In this article, HammaJack’s Digital Marketing Manager, Aldi Oosterman, investigates whether the chatbots of today are currently living up to the hype which surrounded them a few years back. How do you think they’ve fared the test of time?

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HubSpot Tracking Installation guide for Google Tag Manager

We’ve already written about the magic of HubSpot and how to track form submissions from a HubSpot form into Google Analytics.

However, sometimes it’s better to have an installation guide. In this guide, Data Lead, Jacob Moran, will provide a how-to installation guide and a free Google Tag Manager container that will track your website into HubSpot and your HubSpot forms into Google Analytics.

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Tracking HubSpot Forms with Google Tag Manager

HubSpot is amazing and if you aren’t drinking the Kool-Aid yet, you probably should be. In this article HammaJack’s co-founder, Jacob Moran, and Data Engineer, Jose Arevalo, outline how to effectively track HubSpot forms and send the information to Google Analytics & Facebook.

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Why we like using simple Content Management Systems (CMS)

WordPress, Squarespace, Sitecore and Sharepoint have opened up a whole new world to millions of people and businesses. However, there a lot of common mistakes that people make when they are setting up websites on these platforms. In this article HammaJack co-founder, Jacob Moran explains how most CMSs are supposed to be set up so that they are re-usable.

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