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Using data insights to improve product design

This week, CEO Ian Hammond takes a detailed look at one of our new clients, Tricycle Development, and asses how they have used data in a unique and innovative way through product design, to enhance a user’s auditory experience. 

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Tracking offline marketing performance in Google Analytics

It’s an issue as old as the internet itself - how do I track my traditional offline marketing’s (like print ads, billboards and TV) performance when it comes to converting online visitors.

In this article HammaJack co-founder, Jacob Moran, outlines some of his favourite tactics that he has found/used in his travels.

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Best practice naming conventions for Google Tag Manager

You need a naming convention and then you need to stick to it - otherwise, you’ll never know where anything is. Here’s a guide about naming conventions in Google Tag Manager written by HJ Data Lead and Co-founder, Jacob Moran.

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Getting up to speed with R U OK?’s Data

We have worked with the Australian charity R U OK? Who have over 500,000 unique site visitors a year. We sat with them to understand the various aspects of their business and attribute values to these actions. For R U OK?, being a charity, most of the actions taken on site attract a nominal value

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