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Introducing a Points-based pricing model

In this article, Co-founder Ian Hammond outlines why he thinks a points-based pricing model’ is better for HammaJack, and more importantly, much better for our clients specifically by rewarding expertise, experience, efficiency and client loyalty.

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Around The Web: April 2019

In between Easter eggs and the ANZAC day match, we caught up on some reading. In this article professional placement student Hannah Tempany summarises a few important articles that were written around the web in April 2019.

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Around The Web: Christmas holiday indigestion

If you’ve ever wondered whether online reviews can help your business, the short and obvious answer is yes. How much do they affect things? Well, that’s a bit harder to judge. Until now. In this weekly review article, HammaJack’s co-founder, Ian Hammond summarises a few important articles from around the web.

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