Using data insights to improve product design

Learning how our client’s use data in their work

This week, CEO Ian Hammond takes a detailed look at one of our new clients, Tricycle Development, and asses how they have used data in a unique and innovative way through product design, to enhance a user’s auditory experience. 

Trike or Tricycle Developments, if we’re being formal, are a Melbourne-based product and industrial design agency. They do some seriously sexy work with a client list like Australia’s highest-funded kickstarter - the nuraphone, Bellroy, and Keep Cup. 

One project that caught our attention, especially with their approach to data was the nuraphone. 

This product utilises data to enhance user experience, by using otoacoustic technology to study and analyse an individual’s hearing in just 60 seconds. The headphones then adapt to the user’s natural hearing using this information, to provide the best auditory experience for the user.

The theory goes: Every individual hears sound differently and has a unique hearing profile, with variances between low and high notes, and between the left and right ear. A person’s hearing profile contains the information surrounding your relative hearing sensitivity to different tones, and no headphone could perfectly match every person’s hearing profile - until now.

So it works by playing different tones in the ear, then measuring the faint sound an ear generates in response called Otoacoustic Emission (OAE). A highly sensitive microphone in the nuraphone picks up the OAE and the self-learning engine creates the user’s hearing profile, allowing the headphones to sonically shape their music to be perfectly catered to that individual. 

The team at Trike have been great to work with. We’ve been doing some light-touch advisory work with them from a keyword perspective and analysing how users are engaging with their website before they commit to a complete overhaul (or if that’s even required). The engineering and industrial design projects they work on is really exciting, and we hope our partnership is just the start of something bigger.