Is your Digital Content Delivering?


HammaJack’s Data-Driven insights help monitor and optimise your marketing content.

Want to know how effectively your website is performing? Or what kind of response your social media posts are getting? We’ll dig deep into your data to help maximise your digital output.


Solutions That Work

We take a data-first approach to solving your digital needs. With a flexible and consistent approach, we’ll help you understand your data and digital assets (such as your website, social media channels and customer data-base), and help provide you with a cost-effective and efficient solution to get you more of what you want.


Digital Data & Content Experts For All Levels


A Data-First Approach

Start with the Right Data, Then Build it Right

“You can’t fix what you can’t measure”, which is why we start with getting the Digital Foundations right. It’s a process that we’ve developed that essentially allows us to transpose your business goals and challenges into digital metrics. Once we know what’s important you, we develop a systematic, consistent and iterative approach to your Digital Marketing. Through constant review and improvements to your digital channels we help[ you spend less and get more, guaranteed. Along with our two main products, we also offer Special Projects, which is perfect if you want to build an app, develop a chatbot, launch an ecommerce store or bring your theoretical idea into digital life.


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