The Value In Digital Marketing

We are a digital agency that specialises in providing our customers with comprehensive website and digital marketing assistance. Digital Marketing is incorporated with most of the work we do here at HammaJack. We help you to understand and learn the value in data-driven digital marketing.

“Because data allows us to make digital marketing decisions that are reasoned
instead of intuitive.”

Light Touch or Full Service Digital Marketing

We can adapt to your own expertise and capabilities. As a digital agency, we love working with marketing teams, CMOs and owner operators. Our team of experienced data scientists and digital natives will tailor a solution that meets you exactly where you need it to be. With a range of products and services we are able to scale from light touch digital advisory services to full-scale campaign conception, delivery and on-going optimisation.

Want more? We also offer valuable services that your Digital Marketing goals can also benefit from. Learn more about Data and Consulting here.

Marketing: Tactics and Strategies

Data-Driven Smart Marketing

We work with clients to help them understand their digital platforms, which then helps them to see the real value in what we do at HammaJack. Through our data implemented digital marketing strategies, the HJ team are also able to help you understand yours brands online presence. Who your customers are, what behaviour they they exhibit online, where your consumers are, what kind of content they show more interest in, and more.

Through our tactics and strategies, we help you understand and learn more about your brand through a data-driven point of view. Based on these outcomes, we help influence your thinking on your brand and the steps you take moving forward, from any point of view of the business.

Our Core Products