Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

An Introduction to Digital Marketing Strategy

What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

No matter what sized business you are — in today's ever-connected world, you need a considered and consistent digital marketing strategy.

Put simply, a digital marketing strategy is how you are going to approach digital marketing. And it's important to get it right because there are so many things that you could, should or would be doing, if you know what was working! 

Why is Digital Marketing Strategy important?

We take a data-first approach to digital marketing. Looking at a number of opportunities in the digital world we look at opportunities like Search Engine Marketing, Social Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation and look at how you are currently utilising these things and what impact they are having on your sites and channels.

We then look to apply best practice processes to create a digital marketing strategy to create a blueprint to help you get more visitors, leads, and customers in the most cost-effective manner.

What's involved?

As noted above, we start with data, usually an audit, or baseline, and then we analyse your own data to develop a digital marketing blueprint, that looks like this:  

  • Business and Marketing Goals

  • Channels

  • What's working

  • What's not

  • What you should improve

  • Other areas to consider.


If you are interested in developing a digital marketing strategy, or would like more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch.