Who We Are

We’re HammaJack. Relatively new to this, in this capacity, but old in terms of digital (where only a few years can be a lifetime!). Started this as a joint venture with a content writer and strategist wanting to harness the power of data — with a collective drive to cut the regular agency hubris and bullshit. With a mantra: “Data doesn’t lie”.

This is how someone described us:

An awesome start-up, an actual start-up! Not the Tech Bros that have been going for 10 years doing 150 series B rounds. No. They started not so long ago, with a lot of success to boast already.

These guys are a Data and Content Consultancy. Good, smart founders that are humble and very human. That echoes through the culture.

Meet the Leadership Team

Ian Hammond

Ian is the Hamma of HammaJack. He leads the business, along with heading up the content offering (specialising in SEO, PPC, and Digital Marketing).

Ian is an award-winning creative and AWARD School Graduate (2012) and has worked as a digital creative and content strategist.

His formal qualifications include:

  • BA (Government and Anthropology) - University of Sydney

  • Graduate Diploma (Journalism) - University of Technology, Sydney

  • Juris Doctor (Law) - University of Technology, Sydney

Jacob Moran

Jacob is HammaJack’s Jack. He leads the data, technical and analytics arm of the business, along with project management

Jacob is a certified Scrum Master, and has worked as a Data Analyst and Business Analyst.

His formal qualifications include:

  • C Comms (PR and Journalism) - University of Newcastle

  • Masters of IT - University of Newcastle

  • MBA - University of Newcastle

Writing at HammaJack

Everyone’s encouraged to write and create content. Not only is it apart of our reactive content strategy, it allows us to test our own thoughts and theories about what works, what doesn’t and why.

Working at HammaJack

We try to walk the walk and talk the talk, with a practice born from agile practices we like to get it done, question everything, fix it if it needs fixing, never be late for standup, and be out the door by 5.30.

Working for HammaJack

If you are a keen digital native who is looking to run their own race, and even to cut their teeth doing great work in one of the most exciting industries, please don’t hesitate to reach out and put forward a case.

We are always keen to talk to people who love the internet, websites, data, and digital marketing.