Meet the team

Ian Hammond & Jacob Moran

Ian and Jacob are left and right brain of HammaJack. The former leading the agency’s marketing and consulting arm, and the latter taking point on data, analytics and all things technical. You won’t meet two more different people, and that’s what makes HammaJack work.

Ian has lived multiple working lives, you could be forgiven for thinking he was a cat. Having started his working life as a lawyer, he quickly set his sights to digital, becoming an award-winning digital creative, before transitioning to content strategy.

Analytics is to Jacob as donuts are to Homer. Jacob has spent his career in various roles across agencies and corporates as a Data Analyst and Business Analyst. Also, being a certified Scrum Master, he is the agency’s resident champion of the agile methodology.

How we work

We run lean at HammaJack, which consistently helps us punch above our weight in the work that we create. 

Everyone has their own strengths, but everyone is encouraged to ask questions branch out of their comfort zone and offer new perspectives on each project that comes across our desks. We work without ego because we know that we produce our best work for clients when we aren’t afraid to question our own solutions.

If you want more of an insight into how we think, feel free to read the articles we’ve written.

Working at HammaJack

HammaJack is a team of people from all walks of life. We have developed systems that encourage and thrive off collaboration and different perspectives. With a mantra of ‘Always Improving’, we have made it a pillar of the business to be continuously learning about the ever-changing world of digital and testing new approaches to ensure our client’s and selves are always getting the best.

Working in Fitzroy, we’re definitely not starved of options for a good coffee, so if you're interested in working in analytics, marketing, tech, or simply like the look of what we’re doing here at HammaJack, please don’t hesitate to reach out.